Education During the Coronavirus Times – 1

Since Coronavirus is a high topic nowadays, and I am working at a university, I would like to comment and make a focus on Coronavirus topic from the education perspective.  As we face today the issue of we are not allowed to go outside , and to go to school, the schools/governments decided to continue the education temporarily for a short time using the distance education methods such as by TV broadcasting of each class, by university distance education systems, etc. We are experiencing that it is essential to get ready for switching to a distance education method for a while, when needed.

Addition to the distance education , it might be a good time to remind and remember about different ways to get theoretical information from many other sources, independent from going to class and listening the teacher/ receiving the course at class. To understand today, we might need to look history of education/getting the information: before the internet exist student was restricted with the books. To learn and search, the student/learner (in Turkish: “öğren(i)ci”) used to go to the library physically. Even in more earlier times, when the information didn’t exist in the nearby library, the person who is eager to receive “the information” (in Turkish: “talebe”) had to move/ had to change his position from his hometown to another city, or even to another country.

Once we remember how it was difficult in previous times to get the information, we can realize the importance of getting information. Thanks to the internet and many other online sources, it is easier to receive the information. However, today there is a contrary situation: there are many “öğrenici” students, but there are very few “talebe” students. Today there is a challenging race inside students. And only “talebe” students will win the race.

The library of our university/and also libraries of other universities are at our home, in short on internet.