A Scientific Film : HIDDEN FIGURES

When I was with mathematicians, they were only talking about “proof, theory, fields, groups and rings and such things like that I don’t even have no idea”. When those mathematicians told me that they would watch a movie, I was surprised! I was thinking into myself that they don’t watch any movie, but they only do math!

The name of the movie which those mathematicians suggest was “Hidden Figures (2016)“. That movie was pretty fine, even though it was ‘HOLLYWOOD’ movie (I hate Hollywood movies actually).

In that movie, we can see how mathematics play a very critical role for the technology (Space Race between USA-USSR). Because of USSR pure mathematicians were so good at math, Russia was able to go to the space first, but America had to followed them after some time as a second nation who went to space. And even come back to earth again. Underlining of ‘And even come back to the earth’; because going to the space is easy part, but coming back to the earth safe is the more difficult part comparing for the first part.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the movie before, I strongly recommend the movie for the engineers, or anyone who likes technology, computers, or space. We can see the real meaning of computer (not the machine one, but human computer). And how the new technology(coming of the first programable machine computers) affects the  human computers.