Applications of Kinematics

Ferdinand Freudenstein(12 May 1926 – 30 March 2006) who is being described as “Father of Modern Kinematics” has made great contributions to the kinematics and mechanics. As it is said that he had mentored 500 PhD students(That’s amazing and unbelievable!). One of them his student was  Arthur G. Erdman (now Professor at University at Minnesota, Mechanical Engineering Department, link to his website). Professor Arthur G. Erdman is giving a seminar related to why “Kinematic is a dead field” now as he said.  (It is a joke! Don’t waste your time to search the video how kinematics is dead!).

He is giving examples from very different areas where kinematics principles are applied. Therefore this video/ or slide might be used for the inroductory lecture session for the lecture of “Kinematic Design” or “Machine Theory”. He gives many great useful examples from daily life. Any lecturer might present this video on the first lecture of Machine Design, or he can give this video to the student as a homework to watch.

Additionally here you can find here another similar video from Dr. Bernard Roth (another PhD student of Ferdinand Freudenstein 🙂 ).